About ZAGE®

What is ZAGE®?

As millions of Americans are transitioning into retirement, who is caring for this vulnerable population? Are you struggling to care for the elder in your family? Do you often need to reschedule your meetings to tend to their needs?

The answer is ZAGE – the first on-demand services app for the elder in your family. Our ZAGEPros can be there to accompany your loved one on a visit to the doctor, shopping or simply be with them for a home service.

Mission Statement

As we age, our physical condition changes, but our desire to maintain our independence, choice, and self-worth continues. ZAGE is dedicated to providing elder care services to meet the needs of our society as we transition from a country of youth to a nation of maturity. ZAGE® – When you can’t be there, we are.

Our Core Values

Integrity and Trustworthiness
We believe safety and trust are at the root of what we do. That is why we insist on a top-notch team that maintains clear and consistent values when it comes to caring for older adults and their families

Improve Quality of Life
We believe that our work in elder care is about helping our clients and their families improve their quality of life during the aging process, maintain peace of mind, and enjoy independence in their own homes.

Premium Quality Service
While the ZAGE app is enabling technology, it’s the catalyst for compassionate human interaction. Rest assured that the experience beyond the screen is where you and your family will find superior end-to-end support and service.From the 24/7 back office customer care to our ZAGEPros in the field, you will understand why our team practices the highest professional standards to achieve the greatest well being for all.

Diversity and Inclusion
We are dedicated to upholding these values for all program participants, staff, volunteers, and any other individuals or groups associated with us on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, gender identity and expression, sex, ability, religion, sexual orientation, or country of origin.

Respect and Dignity
We stand against ageism. We believe that we ALL deserve respect, dignity, and choice, regardless of age.

ZAGE, when you can’t be there, we are.