Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a concierge, do I still get all the benefits of ZAGE
Yes, you as concierge book for your clients as needed, but you and your clients get the full benefits of ZAGE with privacy and security intact.
How do I schedule a ZAGEPro™?

It’s easy! Sign in to your ZAGE® app, click on the service you want and when you want it. You will get a list of ZAGEPros™ who are available in your aging adult area and at the times you requested, on your screen. You can check out the profiles of each ZAGEPro and choose the person that you want - that’s all! You will be able to contact the ZAGEPro™ before and during the service, if you need to give them any pointers. The ZAGEPro™ will let you know when they start helping your aging adult and when they are finished. Now you can go and relax!

How far in advance can I schedule a ZAGEPro?
You can schedule as far in advance as you need it. If you have a regular need for a ZAGEPro, you can also schedule recurring visits with the ZAGEPro of your choice.
How quickly can a ZAGEPro be available if I need one in a hurry?
You can request a ZAGEPro on-demand and book anyone who is available right away.
Does my ZAGEPro provide transportation to and from appointments or errands?

ZAGEPros can accompany your aging adult using their preferred transportation mode and stay with them during their appointments and errands.

What home services can the ZAGEPro provide?

A ZAGEPro can assist your aging adult with any light tasks around the house not involving anything personal, such as medical or financial. They can also help interact with service workers, such as plumbers and electricians, and delivery people.

How will a ZAGEPro help my aging adult with a doctor’s appointment?

Your ZAGEPro can meet your aging adult at their home or other location, help them with transportation of your aging adult choice, and be with them in the waiting room. The ZAGEPro will wait for them during the appointment (ZAGEPros are not allowed into the examination rooms or beyond the patient waiting areas, and cannot provide medical advice or opinions).

Can the ZAGEPro help my aging adult with their medication?

Our ZAGEPros are trained to be as helpful as possible. They are not trained medical personnel, but they can remind your aging adult to take their medication.

Does the ZAGEPro get involved in personal transactions for my aging adult?

ZAGEPros can accompany aging adult to their bank but are not allowed to answer any questions about your aging adult finances. ZAGEPros will give your aging adult and their banker the privacy they need for their transactions.

How do I contact my ZAGEPro after they have been scheduled and while they are with my aging adult?
You can use the call button in the app, which will call the ZAGEPro directly.
How do I know that my aging adult is safe during the session with their ZagePRO?

You can feel confident in your aging adult safety. Our ZAGEPros have been background checked and behavioral and situational interviews have been conducted.

What are your measures to protect aging adult from Covid-19?

All ZAGEPros have been fully vaccinated. We follow the CDC guidelines published at

How do I contact customer service?

You can reach out to us anytime by calling our Customer Service number - 877-328-1637 - or you can send an email to Please contact us and we can discuss any issues or questions you may have.

How much does it cost to use a ZAGEPro?
The charge for each of our ZAGEPros is $52 per hour in the New York metro area, with a one-hour minimum.
When does a session with a ZAGEPro begin?

Billing starts when the ZAGEPro arrives at your aging adult location. ZAGE does not charge for travel time to or from your aging adult location.

When does the session with a ZAGEPro end?
Billing stops when the session is completed.
Should I tip my ZAGEPro?
You do not need to tip your ZAGEPro. There is no tipping option in the app.
Is ZAGE® available in my area?

ZAGE® is available in New York City for now. ZAGE will be available in other areas in the U.S. later this year. If you are not in this area, please let us know where your aging adult is by contacting us here. We will let you know when the ZAGE® service is available in their area.

How can I become a ZAGEPro?
You can send a note using the form on our website and indicate your interest. We will contact you within 48 hours.
How are ZAGEPros selected? What background do they have to have? What do you look for in a background check? How are they prescreened?

The co-founders at ZAGE have over 50 years of experience in elder advocacy. Based on selection criteria by our co-founders, ZAGEPros are individually selected. They are background checked and have completed behavioral assessments and situational interviews. ZAGEPros are often retired law enforcement officers, nurses, teachers, social workers and EMTs.

How are ZAGEPros trained? Who trains them?

ZAGEPros are trained by us and our certified training partners.

How can my aging adult know that their privacy will be respected by a ZAGEPro?

All ZAGEPros have been trained to be aware of the importance of privacy. Privacy and safety of aging adult accompanied by ZAGEPros are very important to us. We keep these issues top of mind in everything we do.